Roier is a cloud-based business intelligence platform for Small Business. Through scenarios we give businesses insights into the future their e-Commerce, advertising and web analytics.

Predictive Analytics for Small Business E-Commerce.

Building a successful online business requires data-driven decision-making.

 We make it easy for business to understand the metrics that make or break their online sales by keeping track of their month to month and forthcoming results. 

Analyze different business scenarios and future earnings for your online store. Easily integrate data from all your sources and obtain the necessary insights for you to allocate your resources on what works best towards your business goals.

Roier helps e-Commerce owners predict future results by analyzing 3 key performance factors:

Measure all your traffic sources.

Costs per Goods Sold

Traffic to your Online Store

Track sales and recurring customer.

Sales and Customers

Keep a record of all costs per order.

Automate your reporting and leverage the insights to your future costs and conversion of your business.

Get a detailed view of your online store sales and web traffic to follow your business performance.

Discover Your Business Potential

Integrate your data, analyze your business and discover your future results.

Easily connect and aggregate your all of your e-Commerce, Marketing and Operational data.

Visualize Your Business Into The Future

Integrate All Your Data In

One Place

Plan Ahead And Maximze

Your Returns

Integrate Your Data In One Dashboard

Connect and aggregate all your metrics, one time without any coding.

Need custom integrations? Let us know!

Insight Notifications

Learn more about your sales funnel and predict future incomes to your business.

Data Integration

Business Intelligence

Track sales acquisitions and recurring revenue from your customers.

Sales Analytics

Connect your platforms to have a unified view of your online business.

We will tell you when it is the best time to adjust your strategy.

You want to create your online store but are not sure of how much you can sell? How do you know if your e-commerce site is selling to the fullest?

Very few people know how to calculate their online sales, we help you realize the potential of your business.

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